Upcoming events in April / by Paul McDevitt

April is going to be a busy month here at Farbvision. First off we have an amazing joint project by Kevin Schmidt and Jan St. Werner. Felder is the latest album in Jan’s Fiepblatter series on Thrill Jockey., which is being launched worldwide by a curated group of artists and performers, each offering a unique, individual interpretations of the album. Kevin’s DIY HiFi – a pair of monumental wooden full-range horn speakers – built by the artist, will be installed in the space. Farbvision will open for 64 minutes each day from April 2 through April 9 at 6pm to play the whole Felder album. Drinks and extended listening on Saturday, April 2


Opening Saturday April 16, from 7pm: Mini Bar, a show of new paintings by celebrated British artist Paul Housley. Paul’s show will have extended opening hours over gallery weekend (April 30 - May 1). 


On Wednesday April 27 we will have a special event to mark the launch of Negative Space: Orbiting Inner and Outer Experience (SFU Galleries, 2015). Edited by Antonia Hirsch, this book considers the eponymous inner and outer space as both “real” and imaginary. While artistic practice used to be accepted as a legitimate expression of an individual’s interior world, there has been an increasing demand for art to be socially productive. Four of the publication’s contributors will be present to engage with a topic that could have constituted another chapter of the book: a discussion of how such a thing as "relevance" emerges in artistic practice. 

The conversation with Daniel Colucciello Barber, Olaf Nicolai, Ana Teixeira Pinto, and Wolfgang Winkler will be moderated by Antonia Hirsch; Patricia Reed, initiator of the Inclinations lecture series, will act as respondent.