Mouse on Mars performance and record launch by Paul McDevitt

Image Movement will host Infinite Greyscale Records & Mouse on Mars on Tuesday 27 September, from 8:30. First off the band will re-inact the recording session in a live performance, followed by the official record release and video presentation (& drinks, naturally).

Image Movement • Oranienburger Str 18 • Berlin • Admission free

New Farbvision editions, and shop open by Paul McDevitt

I finally got around to opening the Farbvision shop. Some terrific new editions made with Matt Calderwood, Declan Clarke, and Natasza Niedziòłka. More to come. These are two-colour Risograph prints made with the artists onsite at Farbvision. Priced at only €75 each, these prints are a steal. I'm really excited about this project. Check the shop for further details. We also have some of the Infinite Greyscale 10" records for sale, plus my fledgling range of athletic clothing. 

CCQ magazine out, featuring Farbvision, Infinite Greyscale, Tommy Støckel, Jan St. Werner by Paul McDevitt

Very excited to have an eight page interview in the current issue of CCQ magazine. The text links my studio work, Farbvision, and the Infinite Greyscale label I run with Cornelius Quabeck. In addition there is a further four page interview by Tommy Støckel, written in his amazing Studio Font, as published by Infinite Greyscale and exhibited at Farbvision. And as if that wasn't enough the mag is giving away a CD of Jan St. Werner's storming live set here at Farbvision – 34 minutes of music not available anywhere else.